About Us - Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee is an advisory body currently made up of two parishioners who are appointed to their positions by the Pastor.  The committee and the pastor are responsible for the financial well being of the parish.


Our current Finance Committee Members are listed below.



  Jim Kitney                          elaine

Jim Kitney - Chairperson    Elaine Conway - Committee Member


There are a number of ways in which you might choose to financially support the parish.  We offer Pre-Authorized Debit, which comes directly from your bank account, you can use Pre-Authorized Credit Card which we process each month or you can request Offering Envelopes from the parish office.  If you would like to use either the Pre-Authorized Debit or Pre-Authorized Credit Card methods please click on the link, print off the forms, fill them out and return them to the parish office.  You are welcome to drop them off during office hours or you can place the forms in a sealed envelope and place it in the Offering basket on Sunday.  The parish office is sure to get it.

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