About Us - Parish Council

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) consists of eight elected and/or appointed members, and the parish priest.  When there are not sufficient nominations the Pastor will appoint members.  PPC is an advisory body that assists the parish priest in growing and maintaining a healthy pastoral life within the parish.  PPC meets once a month on the third Wednesday at 5:30pm (with the exception of July and August).  Should you wish to have something placed on the agenda at a council meeting please contact the PPC Chairperson.


Our 2018/2019 Parish Council Members - Pictures of remaining new members to come....


                  Bishop Gary Portrait                   chris newcombe                         Heather Hogman      

                      Bishop Gary Gordon              Chris Newcombe                      Heather Hogman                  



              Ed Campbell               coming soon                    Tony Ogbechie

                    Ed Campbell                               Chris Barber                    Tony Ogbechie



          John DeLuca                     Paul Gogo                 coming soon

              John DeLuca ~ Chair                                 Paul Gogo                         Gladys Degroot





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