Sacraments - Baptism

Baptism can and does take place at different times in our lives.  Below you will find information about how to to go about seeking baptism in the Catholic Church.


Infant Baptism:  For infants up to age 4 our baptismal coodinator is Father Krystian Golisz, SDS. He invites all parents to contact the parish office for information on our Baptism Preparation Program. 

This is the first step towards your children's Sacramental life in the Holy Catholic Church, and we at St. Peter's congratulate you on having made this important decision.

There are requirements in the Catholic Church that are to be met in order for a child to enter into the Sacrament of Baptism. We have Guidelines to help make the process as uncomplicated as possible. 

When you contact the office we will make a brief prelimenary appointment for you with Father Chris.  At that time he will gather the required information and supply you with a set of guidelines for baptism.  Your second appointment will be to take part in the Baptismal Preparation Program which parents and selected Godparents would attend.

We ask that you do not choose your Sponsors (the Godparents) before reading these Guidelines, or finalize plans as per dates etc.  This is to avoid conflicts that could arise from booking flights, accommodation, and a reception etc. ahead of time.  It is important that you allow at least three (3) months to prepare for the Baptism.


Child Baptism (ages 5 to 14):  Children in this age group would need to participate in our Children's Religious Education program to receive the sacrament of Baptism.


Adult Baptism:  Adults seeking the sacrament of Baptism would do so through the Understanding the Catholic Faith (formerly RCIA) program.

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